An alphabetical list of words relating to the Focolare Movement, with explanations; a brief dictionary. It is mainly an explanation and not an attempt to go deeper into the matter and its abuses.

Adherent - are not officially members of the Focolare Movement but feel connected. Often they participate in "word of life" groups.

Chiara Lubich - born Silvia Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement. 

Focolare - in general, coexistence in community of a small group of consecrated persons. Or it means the house itself.

Focolarino/a - who is part of a focolare, as a consecrated person or as a married person who has a special bond with the Focolare.

Gen - New Generation, designates the young people of the Focolare Movement. Gen 4 (4 to 10 years old) Gen 3 (10 to 17 years old) Gen 2 ( 18+ years old until you find your calling). It may vary by country

GA - stands for Gesù Abbandonato (Jesus Forsaken) An abbreviation also used in conversation and internal language is to describe the "suffering" to be chosen.

GIM - stands for Gesù In Mezzo (Jesus in the midst) An abbreviation also used in conversation and internal language is to describe the "community" that arises between people who are like-minded. It comes from the sentence from the Gospel: “Where two or three are united in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Mt 18,20)

Ideal - the name for the spirituality of the Focolare movement. It is used as a noun: "When I met the Ideal."

Lontani - are people within the Movement who do not adhere to a religion but to a body of thought. Lontani means "faraway" in Italian and the meaning was that they were people who were faraway from God.

Loppiano - important center of the Movement, scattered over the hills above Incisa Valdarno (south of Florence). It was the first permanent Mariapolis. There are schools for all types of members of the Movement. The school of the Focolarini/e, in 2022, is not held for the first time in more than 50 years, given the scarce vocations.

Mariapolis - City of Mary, temporary meetings of a few days where the spirituality of Chiara Lubich is deepened. The "permanent Mariapolis" are centers of the movement that operate throughout the year.

Movement - abbreviation of " Focolare Movement ", also known as " Opera di Maria ", founded by Chiara Lubich.

New name - given by Chiara - perhaps sometimes by Eli (her secretary), we don't know. Chiara, born Silvia, chose for herself the name of Santa Chiara d'Assisi. Everyone else got the "new name" if they asked. For example Faith, Maras, Gis, etc.
Emmaus, the first real president of the Movement, wisely interrupted the custom.

Opera - abbreviation of " Opera di Maria ", also known as " Focolare Movement ", founded by Chiara Lubich.

Popo, Popa - Trentino expression for "little boy", "little girl". This is how Chiara called the focolarini, asking to have the simplicity and innocence of children. 

Sympathizers - people sympathetic to the Focolare movement. It was once said that there were 2 million. The Focolare website is now talking about one and a half million.

Ut Omnes - abbreviation of "Ut omnes unum sint" - "May they all be one" (Jn 17:21) is the main purpose of the Focolare Movement.

Volunteers - the Volunteers of God is a branch of the Focolare Movement comprised of men and women from all social categories and professions who freely and radically follow God. This is the reason for the name “volunteer”. They live out the Gospel spirituality of unity in their daily lives.

Word of Lifeis a phrase chosen each month from the bible and shared around the world about to live by. The accompanying commentary is translated into some 90 different languages and dialects, reaching millions worldwide through print, radio, TV and other media. There are special versions for children and teens as well.

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