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This page provides information about the struggle in the Catholic Church, The Church Movements and everything that is not good about this institution. About the abuse of power, the spiritual abuse, the sexual abuse.

  • Not me anymore - Doris Wagner (original in German)
  • The pope's Armada - Gordon Urguhart
  • Il Tradimento dei Padri - CĂ©line Hoyeau
  • La Setta Divina - Ferruccio Pinotti (Italian)
  • Vows of Silence: The Abuse of Power in the Papacy of John Paul II - Jason Berry NEW
  • Beyond the Threshold: A Life in Opus Dei - Maria del Carmen Tapia NEW

  • Mea Maxima Culpa (Silence In The House Of God) - Documentary
  • Revealed: Women Sex Slaves of the Catholic Church
  • Sins of the Church
  • Faith, Power, Manipulation - The secrets of Opus Dei
  • Scandal at the Vatican
  • Jesus Camp NEW


  • Rebel Hearts
  • Twist of Faith
  • Procession
  • Vatican Girl
  • Pray Away
  • The Keepers
  • Revelation
  • Examination of Conscience
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  • The history of the Catholic Church
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  • The Chair
  • Spotlight
  • Prey

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